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315 Affiliate Programs for Bloggers and Online Business Owners | Breaking Financial Chains

A list of 315 Affiliate Programs for Bloggers and Online Business Owners that you can use to boost your monthly income! Click here t

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This list from breakingfinancialchains boasts 315 affiliate programs which means chances are you’ll find something in your niche to promote.

7 SEO Affiliate Programs to Monetize ANY Website | Affilorama

Make your website work for you! Monetize it with any of these 7 SEO affiliate programs, and start earning from your blog—even if it isn’t about SEO.

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very well written article with a lot of good SEO affiliate programs 

10 Smart Tips to Leverage Google+ for Increased Web Traffic – Moz | #TheMarketingTechAlert

Basic/ Summarized…

1. Headlines, every time

The more users notice your Google+ posts, the more likely they are to engage. The challenge is to stand out in a sea of thousands of posts. 


2. Formatting for attention

Easily break up your long blocks of text with formatting to make your posts simpler to read and skim. This allows you to communicate more clearly and makes your text more accessible.


3. Use your words

Google+ is a both a visual and a text medium, so make them both count! Don’t be afraid of writing longer posts. Instead of simply posting a link to your latest blog posts and hoping for the best, add a summary of your important points. Explain why this is important. Give people additional context as to why they should click and share.


4. Use your images too

The vast majority of top posts on Google+ use images. In fact, the most popular post I’ve personally ever shared was a simple animated GIF.


5. Smarter sharing > targeted

Most people set their post to “public,” thinking this gives them maximum exposure. In fact, there is a much more effective way to gain exposure to your top content, as long as you don’t abuse it. By also adding your circles and select individuals to your share settings, this triggers a notification for those users that you’ve shared a post directly with them. 


6. The mighty, mighty #hashtag

Twitter and Facebook have made us accustomed to hashtags, but Google+ uses them in entirely different ways to organize and recommend content.


7. Find the followed links

The followed link on Google+ has gone the way of the dodo.

When Google+ was born, it was a bonanza for links, and seen as an SEO paradise. Since that time, Google has replaced most equity passing followed links with nofollow, which pass no link equity. This includes profile links, “contributor to,” and shared URLs.


8. Leverage Google+ comments

I’m sort of in love with the Google+ commenting system.  Much like Facebook’s popular commenting plugin, you can embed Google+ comments on your own blog. What makes this so powerful is when visitors leave a comment, they are given the option of sharing your post to their own Google+ followers. 


9. +Post Ads: the future of social engagement?

Google’s +Post Ads offer an interesting premise: take your most successful Google+ posts and turn them into ads that show all over Google’s massive display network.


10. Interactive posts

Interactive Google+ posts allow you to perfectly customize how your content is shared, but they also allow you to prompt your social audience to take a specific action.



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Video Deep Dive: Consumer willingness to leave reviews – Local University

Mike and Mary discuss the consumers’ propensity to leave review, how it has changed over time & how to maximize these reviews. This is our Deep Dive Into Local from April 10, 2017. In our Deep Dive series, we take a closer look at one thing in local that caught our attention and deserves a […]

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Most Feasible Growth Hacking Tools for Business in 2017

Want to get more acquainted with growth hacking? Check out the finest growth hacking tools for business described in this article. Long way to go.

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GrowSumo is an awesome program if you haven’t already heard of it has a marketplace full of dozens of affiliate programs you can join, all free of charge.